JOKFOOD delicacies are made in our manufactory according to traditional craftsmanship and made from 100% natural ingredients. We do not use any artificial additives. That means: no artificial preservatives, no artificial colors, no aromas and no flavor enhancers.


"Add & Shake" is an innovative salad sauce concept for the quick and easy preparation of fresh salad dressings with natural ingredients. "Add & Shake" is cool, delicious and with many recipe options for salad creations.


The name "Add & Shake" says it all! Open the bottle, add liquids up to the markings, close again, shake vigorously and your DRESSING, SAUCE OR VINAIGRETTE is ready !


Each product has its special character. They all go perfectly with fresh leaf and vegetable salads with or without eggs, meat, fish or poultry, but also as a dip for finger food, chips and vegetable sticks.

Add & Shake. . . is simple !

The formula for Add & Shake is very simple and convinces every user! No more weighing and measuring necessary, because the Add & Shake bottle is also the measuring cup. The seasoning mixture has already been weighed in, now only fill up the liquids up to the markings and shake vigorously. . .and done !

Add & Shake. . . is natural delicious !

In our manufactory we use only natural ingredients, no flavor enhancers, artificial flavors and preservatives fabrics. Add & Shake also required no thickening and binders.

· Gluten-free, no binders, no starches

· no flavor enhancers

· no artificial preservatives

· no dyes

Add & Shake. . . is fresh and versatile !

Add & Shake is now available in 3 flavors:

- French dressing

- Cocktail sauce

- Herb vinaigrette

With each Add & Shake variant, many create different salads. Every product has its special character. All fit perfectly with fresh leaf and vegetable salads with or without egg, Meat, fish or poultry, but also as a dip sauce with finger food, fries and vegetable sticks.


Sauces, Dips and Chutneys

We offers premium convenience products for kitchen, catering and fine foods. The finest and most delicious recipes are a natural mix of tradition and innovation, tailored to the needs of our customers, naturally without artificial additives.

Taste at its finest!

Our sauces, dips and chutneys are ideal for grilled, roasted and boiled seafood, meat, chicken and rice, as well as an ingredient for soups, dressings, marinades and sandwiches, or for pasta and pizza.

With these products, the addition of sugar was deliberately avoided and honey was used as a sweetener.

Bacon and Ham

Our exquisite product selection demonstrates creativity and passion for natural nutrition. In order to achieve this ultimate lifestyle and the high demands on premium quality, tradition, origin and impressions collected worldwide characterize these delicacy specialties.

When manufacturing our products, we primarily ensure that the natural active ingredients and flavors of the raw materials and ingredients are kept as unadulterated as possible.

Our cured, smoked bacon products are prepared with special care and respect for culinary secrets. The right selection of natural spices and the use of expert hands result in delicacies with a wonderful taste and excellent quality.

Sausage specialties from Nong DU

Tradition is equipped with the most modern and international requirements, which allow us to produce our sausage specialties with a special quality, but without losing the traditional taste. Whether sausage, bacon or ham - homemade is homemade! Convince yourself of the quality and the excellent taste of our homemade meat and sausage products !

Furthermore, we attach great importance to avoiding unnecessary distances during transport and, whenever possible, obtain our raw materials and packaging from suppliers in the region who we personally know.


Seasoning has never been easier !

Fantastic spice     

Our Fantastic spice is a hearty all-rounder in the kitchen, with a fine bouquet of vegetables and herbs. This all-round spice is fantastic for seasoning meat such as roasts, chops, patties (minced meat masses, fillings), grilled meat - chicken and fish, breading, sauces and marinades or soups.

Selected, fresh, high-quality raw materials are the basis of our spice specialties. We only mix to order, so you always get fresh spice preparations, which refine your dishes wonderfully. Each individual spice mixture is carefully handcrafted according to recipes. For you as a customer, this means fresh, fine, natural spices, personally prepared for you and always with the certainty: quality over quantity !

An all-rounder in the kitchen !

From the idea to enjoyment...our craft !

Absolute freshness and highest quality – that is our credo. Top quality ingredients – from which we make exceptionally fresh products, crafted through careful handiwork. But what does exceptional mean? For us, that means ingredients that are convincing in terms of quality, freshness, delight and sustainability.

One can imagine our fine-food manufactory as a kitchen, only plainly bigger. Our products are carefully handcrafted. With them, we aim to produce fine foods that delight the senses – through lumpy and special ingredients, freshness, exceptional optics and an unmistakable taste. Handcrafted, with a lot of love.

The result is fresh delicacies with real taste without artificial additives !